David Corley

You people are my heroes!  Your generous contributions to my kickstarter campaign have made so many AMAZING things possible!  THANK YOU!  Thanks to you, I have Bernadette Quigley on my team for P.R.  Thanks to you, I have the possibility to distribute the record in Europe.  Thanks to you, we are planning a tour and best of all, thanks to you, I know that I wasn't wrong.  These songs mean something.  I didn't waste my time.  I did something good.  Thank You, thank you for helping me to realize a lifelong dream... it really does mean the world to me!  All Love, xo, dc

GREAT BIG THANKS TO: Jake Burton, Betsy Eppes, Terry Brown,  Craig Gipson, Dwayne Taylor, Michelle Forsyth, Debbie Tipton, Mark Downing, Rhonda Fabian, Kurt Weideman, Dean and Kim Benamy, Richard Stamper, Buzz Law, Doug Weideman, Brent Hamill, Pete Frye, Annie Corley, Steve Beshara, Eric Clough, Mel and June Corley